Cédric Béchade’s manifesto

An aficionado of locally-sourced, conscientious cuisine, Cédric Béchade draws inspiration from the culture of the Basque Country, expressing its traditions while centring on the product. He stays true to his basic convictions, by eschewing all industrial ingredients, forging close ties with local producers, and transmitting his philosophy to all of his teams. 

At the age of 13, my dream of becoming a chef was half unconscious, half a challenge. Today, I am proud to be doing what I do in a conscientious and mindful manner. Marion and I are committed to finding excellence locally. Our mission is to locate the best and healthiest produce, to work closely with local producers and artisans, to showcase our region and sustainable skills, to personalize the guest experience and to get back to basics, and we share these goals with our staff and guests.

My heartfelt belief is that a return to truth and transparency will enable us to convey an optimistic and sustainable vision of the world.

Cédric Béchade
Head chef and owner

La table de Céric

The world of Marion Béchade

My role is to welcome you to our beautiful family house, the Auberge, with our vision, values and roots. It’s a real home from home.

With a solid training and background in luxury hospitality, Marion has – together with her husband – breathed new life into the Auberge Basque since purchasing this traditional old farm in 2006 with the purpose of converting it into a contemporary inn.

Passionate yet modest, Marion has brought her personal values of authenticity and humanity to the Auberge Basque, thereby avoiding the pitfall of over-formality.

Committed to sustainable development, she has adopted an eco-friendly approach, with rain showers in the bedrooms, geothermal heating and air conditioning, recyclable waste sorting and so on. Her latest project was the refurbishment of all 12 of the Auberge’s guest rooms, guided by her intuition and ecological values and taking care to choose vibrant shades, eco-design furniture and predominantly locally-sourced French brands.

True to the nature of this family house with its atmosphere of assurance and well-being, Marion and Cédric attach great importance to team spirit, to the transfer of skills and values, and to personalizing the experience of each and every guest.

Marion Béchade
Hostess and owner

Marion special breaks

L'équipe de l'Auberge Basque Contemporaine

The Auberge spirit

Relaxed excellence

The Auberge Basque is a resolutely collective and human endeavour. Marion and Cédric Béchade see it as a priority to employ dynamic individuals who share their values of care and excellence. Committed to service quality and attentive to personal needs, the staff at Auberge Basque take care to ensure the well-being of each guest, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Personal fulfilment is of primary importance within this close-knit, complementary team. “Every one of us is the host and we are all dressed the same regardless of role or rank.”

Cédric and Marion have attracted a team of individuals who are passionate about what they do and whose goal is to grant you a unique experience that you will never forget.