The Chef

Born in Limoges, it’s in Corrèze with his grandparents where the chef develops his palate and his taste for the good things ; fish parties and hunting. At 13 years old, he decided to become cook.
After his studies and internships in starred houses, he started to work at l’hôtel du Palais in Biarritz. Two years where he felt in love with the Bask country, and promised himself to come back.

Ten years later, after a formation at the highest level alongside Alain Ducasse and Jean-François Piège at Plaza Athénée, Cédric Béchade has decided to fly its own wings and come back definitely to the bask country, his heart region.

Since, in Saint Pée sur nivelle, with his wife Marion, he makes alive l’Auberge Basque, an oldest guest house from 17th century, with an amazing view upon the valley of la Nivelle. He creates his culinary identity while expressing the culture and the terroir bask with passion.


« The seasonality is really in the heart of my menus »

Cédric Béchade’s cuisine is more and more ethic and aware. In relationship permanently with the producers and artisans, Cédric Béchade draws in his environment to sublimate the local cuisine.

The kitchen

« I want my cooking to be alive, in relief, and expressed once the mouthful is done ».

A spontaneous and vibrant cuisine, elaborated with emblematic products from Bask country. A bask cuisine reinterpreted with modernity and respect of the product, in order to offer an original expression of a culture and a terroir.

The service

« The elegance and the proximity to the service of a contemporary gastronomy »

Concerned about preserving the relationship with his guests, the chef shares his time between the kitchen, opened and the dining room. At the kitchen pass, side of the dining room, he adjusts the plates before the presentation to the clients and enjoys to presente himself his creation to explain the subtle contours.