The Table of L'Auberge Basque

A refined cuisine, colorful and natural, elaborated with the emblematic products of the Basque Country, a Basque cuisine interpreted by Cédric Béchade..

In the heart of the bask country, the chef Cédric Béchade and his team propose
an instinctive cooking from the market, always in movement and nourished by an
environment rich of products, men and meetings.
The chef Cédric Béchade cultivates his love for the region while expressing the
essence of the bask terroir trough some dishes and specific associations which
go to the essential.

Defenders of a proximity gastronomy, the chef and his young and dynamic team,
are committed to propose a truly and generous experience. Here, the happiness
is everywhere, and is transmitted, shared, discrete and omnipresent.

In front of the Nivelle valley, in the best seat of the nature’s show, let yourself be
transported by the instinctive cooking from the market of Cédric Béchade.

La Carte

Nature choose the suggestions of your moment…

The majority of our products are coming from a radius of 200km.


Dishes who are combined the taste, the beauty and the original, dishes in which we keep in mouth an emotional memory.