The Spirit of L'Auberge Basque

On the hill facing the mountains and the Rhune, a few kilometers away from the beaches and golf courses of the Basque Coast, discover a unique and privileged place. A decoration where the past matches harmoniously the present day. An updated, tasty and gourmet cuisine based on the products of the Basque Country, and its gastronomic values.

The Auberge Basque, this contemporary inn is a living, meeting and sharing place, within a preserved natural surroundings. Simplicity, charm and elegance are the essential assets of the Auberge Basque: here, we see moments of parenthesis, generous and sincere, where well-being, well-living and Gastronomy are the key words.

Cédric Béchade’s signature

Cédric and the Basque Country: a heart loving story that begins at the Hotel du Palais in Biarritz with Jean-Marie Gauthier, whom he joined at the end of his studies in 1996. Cédric then moved to the Hotel de Crillon, a magnificent Parisian establishment. However, he promised himself to return to the Basque Country, as he cherishes so much the values of this region. Alain Ducasse’s adventure showed up to him, and Cédric Béchade joined the team for the opening of the three-stars restaurant located on the Avenue Raymond Poincaré, then followed Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée hotel where he served Chef Jean-François Piége for three years , before becoming Chef, in his turn, at the restaurant “La Cour Jardin”. Ten years of excellence and international fame! Not to mention a one-year interlude in the kitchens of the Elysee during his military service.

Cédric, faithful to the Basque Country, after four years of real estate seeking, finally finds, and falls in love with the Auberge Basque in Helbarron located in the the city of Saint Pée sur Nivelle. He purchased this magnificent “Etxe” in March 2006. With a beautiful team of Basque craftsmen he launched a renovation operation and amazing works, and made this place the contemporary inn of his dreams. “I was born professionally in the Basque Country”, says Cédric and “I come back with great emotion, respect for its culture, its people and its products.”

The Auberge Basque is a beautiful establishment of culinary alchemy, with a refined welcome mixing traditions and modernity!

A contemporary and authentic inn by Marion and Cédric Béchade, which history has just started…


A Michelin star in the 2009 Michelin Guide